Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tough Weekend...

So, I'm quickly learning that I will do anything to keep these babies healthy and happy. Just a few months ago, I was mostly worried about all the needles, exams, and all the not-so-exciting parts of doctor visits. After a stressful and eye-opening weekend, I can say that all of those things seem like a walk in the park now.

If you're the squemish type, I am giving you the warning now to NOT read on... Now that you have been warned, I'll continue! :) Last Tuesday, I got home from work and noticed some odd "spotting" after looking in the toilet. I didn't know what to think, so I called the on-call doctor. After describing everything to her, she suggested that it may be a bladder infection and to see my doctor the next day. I did this, and after checking, the babies were great, and I heard no reason to be worried at all.

This comfortable feeling changed on Friday, between classes, when I went for a "quick" bathroom break. I saw what looked like a somewhat small amount of blood in my urine, so I quickly told my boss, and headed to my doctor. The secretary asked me if I "flew" there, because I must've gotten there quite fast. The doctor checked again, said there was no sign of blood, and said to take it easy after seeing that the babies were once again perfectly fine.

I decided against my family's opinions to go to 8th grade band night that night with our kids and the RHS band. I showed up to the school, and after about an hour or so, my head director decided I needed to go home after such a stressful day. As I was heading to my car, I noticed something wasn't right (girls, you probably know what I mean). I checked down there (yes, this is gross, but I didn't know what else to do!!) and sure enough, it was blood. I went to the gas station bathroom, and it was SUCH a difference than earlier that morning. I learned after the morning experience, I needed to stay calm for the babies, so I just called the doctor again, and they said to go straight to the ER and an obgyn on-call would be there "waiting" for me.

After waiting at the hospital for over an hour, I started questioning whether or not I really should plan on delivering there. They finally took me in, checked the babies, who were thankfully ok, did some awful procedure to get a urine sample (I would prefer not to do THAT one again), and later realized I had a bladder infection. Since my husband had contest all day the next day, my parents fortunately took me to their house in Saginaw, so they could "doctor" me. :)

I unfortunately woke up the next morning with the same bleeding I had Friday night. My mom quickly took me to Baylor Grapevine, and I can say nothing but WONDERFUL things about them and how they run a hospital. After an hour plus ultrasound, they noticed that I have a hemorrhage outside the placenta. The good thing is that the babies feel nothing about what is going on outside their little haven.

I decided to change my specialist appointment to yesterday, in Grapevine, where they elaborated on my condition. They said that it's called Placenta Previa, which I've heard of on my forums lately. Many moms have this, but mine just happens to bleed unlike most women. He put me on bedrest for 2 weeks, so here I sit, on the couch, finding more time to keep you all posted!!

Am I glad I'm on bedrest? Yes and no. I'm so happy that God has allowed my sweet babies to continue to grow and be happy as they prepare for their big entrance into the world (btw, baby A MIGHT be a boy, but we're not sure yet... baby B has decided to not tell any secrets just yet). Would I like to take this time "off" to do some shopping??? Yes, but I guess I'll stick to the doc's orders...

Sorry, Christina, no pictures for you just yet... BUT, I have plenty to scan in & post, so I'll get to it later when Chris brings them home from work! :)

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ChristinaR said...

I've heard of placenta previa, as well, but have never known anyone who's had it before. Off to google it right now. You better take it easy, girl.. you have TWO people counting on you!! Oh, and about the pictures... GET ON IT! :)