Monday, September 27, 2010

These babies are eating all my food!

So, I'm not sure how it feels to be almost 12 weeks pregnant with just one baby... But, with TWO of them, I feel like my own body is completely starved all the time! These babies sure are hungry! I guess that's a great sign, but I don't really think there's enough oranges, apples, bananas, peaches, and grapes to fill my body up between classes each day. I unfortunately am not all that interested in either of the boxes of Big Cheeze-Its (my former love, as some of you may know) that are at school and at home. I stocked up yesterday on some good "go-to" lunches for school, so hopefully that'll keep me from eating out every day. Did I mention that I ate an entire FOOTLONG sub from Subway on Friday?!?! I've never, ever done that, but apparently, babies DO change a woman's eating habits!

Anyway, the morning sickness is having it's good & bad days... I did have a moment IN THE CAR last week, but it's too disgusting to mention on here. Today was a pretty good day overall. I've learned to eat something (ANYTHING) as soon as I get up in the morning... only, I forgot half of my banana on the bathroom counter today. The first half was good, but I figured it needed to go in the trash after that. I stocked up on some good cereal, including Raisin Nut Bran (oddly, my favorite), Fruity Pebbles (I've been craving some lately), and Chris's choice, Strawberry Shredded Mini Wheats. Let's hope that gets me through the week...

Oh, and this whole sinus infection for 5+ weeks is really not what I had in store for my first trimester. The sneezing & runny nose have improved, however, coughing so much that my ribs have been hurting for 2+ weeks is NOT all that exciting. I did enjoy a weekend on the couch, and after coughing and relaxing the entire time, I decided that the couch must have "pulled a muscle in my ribs". Seriously, can I PLEASE stop falling apart?!?

Anyway, sorry for all the unnecessary rambling... I've decided to start putting more information regarding my pregnancy on here, just so I can keep up with things! As I cruise into the next trimester, let's all pray that life will be a little (or A LOT) more energetic & less nauseating!! :)

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ChristinaR said...

I know that it seems like the exhaustion will NEVER end but you're almost there! Congrats on the healthy appetite - sounds like you're eating healthy, too! So... when are you gonna post some pictures??