Monday, May 4, 2009

Christina is officially a better blogger than ME!

Thanks to Christina's fancy little blog, I've been able to figure out a little more on how to make my page cute. I've also been given a little motivation to update my blog more often!

I am now a proud owner of my first laptop... not so sure if I will EVER get used to this attached mouse idea, but I'll learn to love it (and learn to get my HANDS out of it's way of those little short-cuts I don't know how to use!) Chris says I'm on my computer WAYYY too much, so I've got to be better about managing my computer & hubby time.

That's all for now (mostly because it's taken me TWICE the time to do this blog post b/c my hand CONTINUES to get in the way!!! ahhh!!) More to come (this week, if I'm lucky)...

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