Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Weeks ALREADY?!?

Time flies when you're raising twins... Our sweet little angels turned 6 weeks old this Friday, and although it feels like forever ago that we were in the hospital with them, I can't believe how big they've gotten! Life has been a whirlwind of events, emotions, and exhaustion these past 6 weeks, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Here are some thoughts that go through my mind right now (that I'm sure I'll know answers to soon enough):

  • Do the babies know they're twins? We always have them together (except for doctor's appointments where one stays home usually), but they don't typically interact with each other just yet.

  • Are they really as smart as I think they are, or am I just biased? I feel like they do so many "intelligent" things for their age (ie rolling over from their side, staring straight into your eyes like they know what you're thinking/saying to them).

  • Is Kayelynn's foot going to be corrected as quickly as we pray it will? She's currently on her 3rd 1-week cast, and she will continue to get casts until her doctor says she's ready for braces (I wish I could fast forward to the pulling-up stage, just to bypass the braces altogether).

  • WHEN will they start sleeping through the night? Let me even ask this one... When will they start sleeping more than 3-4 hours? I could really use the rest! :)

  • Will the twins be best buds later on in life? I sure hope so. They're just too cute.

  • Will Kayelynn still love all the pink & bows when she gets to dress herself, or will she be a tomboy like her daddy thinks? I hope she loves the pink, but I guess I won't have a choice either way!

  • Most importantly, will we be good parents? I think Chris & I will always have our ups and downs, but I pray that we will always have a strong relationship and trust in each other to make the "right" decisions. It's difficult for one person to make life-altering decisions for themselves, much less two first-time parents making choices together for two tiny little precious babies!

I'm sure in time, we'll know answers to most of these questions. Until then, here are some of the "sneak peeks" from their ADORABLE newborn pictures! Yes, our babies are the cutest little angels I've ever seen! :)

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