Thursday, March 31, 2011

The BIG day!!

It's been quite an eventful week, to say the least. On Monday, Chris & I found out why Dr. McNabb was so hesitant to actually schedule an induction date (especially since my specialists don't want me going past 38 weeks). I got a call first thing in the morning that he had taken "personal leave" and that he wouldn't be back for a while. This disappointed me, but I knew his partner, Dr. Vu would be capable of delivering our babies. Monday was quite a dramatic day, but we got through it all, and Friday (tomorrow) is the BIG day! :) When meeting Dr. Vu, she was very thorough (almost too thorough for my taste), which helped ease our minds a little more. She actually gave me the option of doing a C-Section. I didn't know this was my choice (Dr. McNabb never brought it up, so I assumed we had to give the "natural" way at least a little effort). I initially told her I would try pushing these babies out, but realized overnight & after talking to my specialist, a C-Section was the way to go. I mean, who wants to labor & push for 24+ hours to have to either do it all over again for the 2nd baby or still end up getting cut open in an emergency situation!?! Tomorrow, we'll go in at noon & the C-Section should begin around 2pm. I can't wait to meet our little angels, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Chris and I are both pretty nervous, although we're trying not to think about it. He's nervous about seeing me all cut up & bloody. I guess I'm nervous about that whole messy surgery too, but I think I'm most nervous to have these babies come out healthy. All I want to do is hear their little cries to know they're ok! I have been told that a mother's love is something completely unexplainable. I already have a feeling of what it's like, since these babies are all I have thought and cared about for the past 9 months. I can't imagine how emotional we'll be when we first meet our sweet little babies. I know it'll all happen so fast, and I hope we can take in those special moments when they enter the world. We are so lucky. Let me add to that. Chris, myself, Kayelynn, and Brayden are so lucky. We have the best friends and family that we could ever ask for. My parents and siblings have been so supportive throughout the entire pregnancy, whether it's taking me to appointments, purchasing big necessities for the babies, dealing with my moodswings, or just plain being happy (that's an understatement) for these babies to come into the world. My in-laws are wonderful too. They are sooooo excited, but I know they're trying to hold it in everytime I speak to them. God is so good to us, and I am so proud to have these people in our lives. I have so much more to say, but I think I better get to bed!! Tomorrow will be my babies' birthday!!! :)

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